Friday, July 21, 2017

Review: Tempting Gabe

Tempting Gabe Tempting Gabe by Victoria Pinder
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Tempting Gabe
Gabe Hawke, the privileged son of an oil tycoon, joined the US Marines while he developed his tech needed to start his own computer company that rivals any in Silicon Valley. In the desert years ago, some of his early prototypes were stolen and he never knew by who. However when someone tries to assassinate his parents, he will do anything to protect his two sister while he finds who wants to kill them.

Megan Maddox knocks on her brother’s door to get the one thing her mother left her in the will, some jewels. Her brother has avoided her and probably hasn’t gone outside since his tour with the military ended, but this time she can’t resist. So when she forces him to open his door to give her the jewels, the last thing she expected was to find evidence that her brother was an assassin. She has one chance to fulfill her mother’s dying wish to protect her brother and she has to go to Gabe Hawke immediately.

Neither of them was looking for romance when she knocked on the door. Neither of them should have been attracted to each other, but when forces of nature collide, everything in their lives will be thrown in the air and all they have are each other. Can she trust her heart to a man that was supposed to hate her?

My Thoughts:

*I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book*

This is a super short love story. I enjoyed the characters but I wish the book was longer and built up to the end. This has insta-love, which I know bothers some people. I don't really mind though. It was an enjoyable book and I think would have made a great longer story if the plot had been stretched a bit.

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