Friday, July 28, 2017

Review: Soul Enchilada

Soul Enchilada Soul Enchilada by David Macinnis Gill
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


The devil made 'em do it.

Girl meets boy at a car wash. And probably this would have been a sweet teen romance . . . except that the girl's grandfather sold his soul for a classic Cadillac and he used "her" soul as collateral, too. Which the devil has come to collect, along with the car. Now eighteen-year-old Bug Smoot has to fight for both. Good thing she knows how to fight dirty. Good thing nothing frightens Bug Smoot: not the repo man, not the paranormal creatures, not sEances or driving too fast. And good thing that boy from the car wash is actually a supernatural secret agent.

This is one helluva ride.

My Thoughts:

I had high hopes for this book. I found the plot amusing. This could have been a great book and I admit I was amused for part of it. Then, I began to get annoyed by the language. The words "dog" & "dude" were used way too much and started to irritate me. I found myself putting the book down and wanting to watch tv instead (I don't watch much tv because I prefer books instead). It was an ok book but could have been better since the plot was such a great idea.

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