Monday, April 9, 2018

Review: Take a Haunted Walk with Me

Take a Haunted Walk with Me Take a Haunted Walk with Me by Rose Pressey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


When the sun goes down, Ripley Van Raden sets out to guide tour-goers through the haunted locations of Devil's Moon, Kentucky. During the day, she's head librarian. There are plenty of ghosts there too. 

Ripley receives an old diary in the mail. When strange things occur at the library, Ripley believes the book could be the cause.

During one of her haunted tours, a murder victim is discovered. That's not Ripley's only problem. Someone is trying to take over her haunted tour. Is the competition related to the murder? 

Perhaps the old diary holds the answer. Ripley must discover the truth before the past comes back to haunt her.

My Thoughts:

Cover/Title: I love the titles that this author comes up with. The covers are always colorful and fun.

Characters: I love the quirky characters in these books and there are always ghosts hanging around giving Ripley a hard time.

Plot:Ripley spends her days as a librarian and her nights giving tours of the haunted places in her town. She gets a mysterious package with no return address and soon she gets visits from a poltergeist. Ripley races against time to figure out what is going on and put the poltergeist to rest.

Overall: I love this quirky little haunted town and its inhabitants. I love that the library has a resident ghost and cat. I will definitely be reading more of these little mysteries.

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