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Review: Alice the Assassin

Alice the Assassin Alice the Assassin by Lotus Rose
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


It’s a lot easier to be ruthless when you’re heartless. . . The truth is not what you were led to believe. Alice never left Wonderland. It wasn’t all “just a dream.” It’s a nightmare. A nightmare she can’t escape, where formerly pleasant characters throw her unhappy unbirthday parties to torment her, while others like to make her cry so they can lick her tears. But one day after years of this unpleasantness, she loses her heart. Literally. Well, technically someone steals it. And she has to get it back. By any means necessary. And it’s a lot easier to be ruthless now that she’s heartless. She will have her heart returned to her even if she has to kill all the citizens of Wonderland one by one... By the author of The Poniworld Chronicles and SinEaster.

My Thoughts:

Cover/Title: The cover didn't really draw me in. However, I like remakes of familiar tales so I was looking forward to this once I saw the title & series name.

Characters: Honestly, I couldn't have cared any less for these characters. In the original story, the characters were quirky and fun. In this they were sadistic and cruel. I really didn't have any empathy for any of them. Not Alice, not Malice, the Mad Hatter or any of them. I just didn't like them.

Plot: Alice is kept chained up unless she is doing her rounds. Her rounds being that she gets to spend time with each of the wonderland creatures being tortured until she cries. She gets a Thirteen of Hearts card which allows her to remove her heart. The heart is stolen and she gets even with the characters as she searches for her heart.

Overall: I really didn't care for this book. I loved the original quirky and fun characters but in this book they are just sadistic and cruel. I don't like the characters and I didn't really care for the story. The best part of the book was that it was short so I finished it quickly. I will not be reading any more of this series.

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