Friday, April 6, 2018

Review: Ember

EmberEmber by Liz Schulte
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Holden told Olivia it was only a matter of time before Hell came for them. After all, one doesn’t just walk away from the life he lived unscathed, but the longer Hell waited, the more Olivia let down her guard. She believed maybe happily ever after was possible—he knew it wasn’t. 
But when Baker shows up beaten and bloody on their doorstep with a message, all hope evaporates. The jinn make Holden an offer he can’t refuse: convince Olivia to free them all and the jinn will fight Hell alongside them. However, if their past has proved anything, it’s that the jinn cannot be trusted. When Olivia starts hearing a voice that no one can identify and Baker isn’t acting like himself, he is forced to make a decision. 
With Heaven staying hands off, Holden considers accepting the jinn’s offer behind Olivia’s back. One thing is clear, with their lives and the lives all those they hold dear at stake, something has to be done. If it were as easy as Holden going back to the jinn, he would do it in a heartbeat, but Hell wants more than his soul this time—they want Olivia’s too.

My Thoughts:

Cover/Title: I picked this book based on who the author was. The cover doesn't really give any idea of what the book is about. Neither does the name.

Characters: I really enjoyed these characters. There is a lot to these characters and the reader only scrapes the surface in this book.

Plot: Olivia and Holden realize their time is up. Hell as come after them finally. They race against time to figure out who their enemies are and how to stop them.

Overall: I love the action in this book. There is a lot going on and they always seem to be a step behind. I will definitely be reading more of this series.

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