Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Review: The Fallen Vampire

The Fallen Vampire The Fallen Vampire by Beata Blitz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


A freak accident at Chloe’s seventeenth birthday party reveals her psychic abilities, and the community responds by condemning her as a witch who must be burned alive. As she attempts to escape across the dystopian, war-ravaged territory of her homeland, she yearns for a chance to find refuge and acceptance.

On the run and haunted by ghosts from her past, Chloe finds herself at the center of a conflict between the warring factions of Cloud Lords, shape-shifters from another dimension, alternately revered as angels and reviled as demons by the subjugated human populace below.

A dispute between her people’s rulers, the virile Drakonin dragon shifters, and their sworn enemies, the night flying Vampirii, radically alters Chloe’s destiny when she brazenly intervenes in their struggle by sheltering a fallen warrior.

Chloe comes face-to-face with Aethan, a prince among the Vampirii, the most fearsome of the Cloud Lords, known for craving human blood. She will share a forbidden connection with Aethan that could ultimately lead to a place where her nascent power might bloom, provided she can survive the perilous events that will test the bounds of her resolve and love.
THE FALLEN VAMPIRE is the first volume in the FLUX & FIRMAMENT romance series for young adults. This epic adventure takes place in an entirely new universe—The Realm of the Cloud Lords, created by a catastrophic experiment at the Large Hadron Collidor, which has led to a fusion between our world and another dimension. 

My Thoughts:

Cover/Title: Both of these are what made me pick up this book. It is no secret that I love books about vampires & witches.

Characters: This book is relatively short so you don't get to really know much about the characters.

Plot: The plot is very basic. This young girl accidentally reveals that she has powers. The town wants to burn her and she runs with the help of her very grumpy friend, Wayne.

Overall: The vampire seems to be a very small part of a very short story. I wish there had been more to the book. I see that is part 1 of a prequel but it seems like a waste to break it into parts like that. I would prefer to read the prequel as 1 book because this one just starts to pick up action and then it stops right after the vampire (in the title) makes an appearance. However, the story was interesting enough that I will most likely read the 2nd part.

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