Sunday, April 8, 2018

Review: Echo of The Witch

Echo of The Witch Echo of The Witch by Jen Wilde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


There is no ‘normal life’ for a witch with a very special gift…

All Echo Freyer wants is to be an ordinary eighteen-year-old girl. She works in a rundown bookstore in New York City, watches out for her younger sister Wren, and most importantly, always makes it home before sundown.

When the Shriekers come out to play, even a witch isn’t safe…

Witches like Echo have been hunted for centuries, their magical souls craved by monsters lurking in the shadows. So far, she’s kept her abilities concealed, sometimes even from herself. But denying your true nature can only last so long.

She thought she could hide from the creatures and live a normal life. She thought she could run from her power, and she thought she could protect her heart from love. Upon an unlikely introduction to Jai Axel, the latter proves to be harder than she thought.

When a Hunter spends his days stalking evil, he’ll do whatever he can to hold on to something good…

Jai isn’t just a normal guy. No normal guy would make Echo feel the way she does, and no normal guy hunts Shriekers. But when Echo discovers she and Jai share much more than sparks, their entire future is in jeopardy.

With a kingdom of Shriekers hunting for souls, only Echo can save the people she loves from a bitter, torturous end.

My Thoughts:

Cover/Title: It is no secret that I love books about witches, demons, angels, vampires,werewolves etc. This book was right up my alley and the title said it all.

Characters: I loved the characters in this book. Jai, Echo, Onyx, Maia and Wren are a great team.

Plot: Echo is afraid to accept who she is or allow people to get close to her. Then she meets Jai & Mai and their siblings are taken captive by the Shriekers. She has to accept who she and let people in if she wants to have a chance to save them.

Overall: I really enjoyed this book. I loved that she didn't just instinctively know how to use her powers. The reader gets to follow her as Echo learns to control her powers. I can't wait to read more of this series.

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