Monday, January 25, 2016

A Moment in Time by Bertrice Small

As I finish this book, I am saddened to know that once I finish all her books there will be no more. Sadly, Bertrice Small passed away recently. I haven't read a book by her that I haven't loved. She had a gift of making you feel like you were in the time period of the book and experiencing everything with the heroine.

In A Moment in Time, you are pulled into the story of star-crossed lovers. They live life after life, trying to get their love right. They are always tripped up by others that are filled with hate. Their love transcends all time and they keep trying. You get sucked into the story and you can almost feel what the heroine feels; the love, the sorrow and the grim determination. Will these star-crossed lovers ever get a chance at true happiness?

I almost wish Ms. Small had been able to make a series out of this. She certainly could have written a whole series, or at least a trilogy, of their attempts throughout time. She was a true master of romance and tragedy. Some readers complain about all the tragedy the heroine goes thru but I think that is what makes it better. True love knows no bounds and will survive no matter what trials are in the way.  'Cos that's how true love creates its beautiful agony. All splendid lovers had just dreadful times! Er, Pelias and Melisande, Daphnis and Chloë. History's just jammed with stories of lovers parted by some silly thing! Sharon McKendrick (Parent Trap - the original version)

My Rating:
5 out of 5 stars

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