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Review: Bewitched in Oz

Bewitched in Oz Bewitched in Oz by Laura J. Burns
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Even though sorcery is forbidden in Oz, Zerie Greenapple is determined to use her magic. When the Flying Monkeys find Zerie and her friends using magic, one of their gang is captured. Three friends go on the run through the wild landscapes of Oz to try and find Glinda the Good, who they hope will save them from the evil Princess Ozma. But will magic be enough to lead these three friends to safety? This exciting tale of adventure and fantasy surrounds readers in a world of complexity, where the truth is always shifting and the integrity of friendship is constantly questioned.

My Thoughts:

I am a HUGE fan of the original Oz books and some of the re-tellings that I have read as well. So I absolutely couldn't wait to read this book when I found it on a shelf at our library. This author is not Frank Baum so I didn't expect her to keep to the original story perfectly. I am rating her based on her writing (and my opinion of the book)... not on how well she kept to the original story. They are two different authors and I will be fair and treat her as an individual.

There are some parallels in this book with the original story with common characters and places but Ms. Burns took ownership and made this story her own. I really enjoyed the new characters that she introduced. They are young and they act accordingly with crushes and jealously, etc. Unlike other reviewers, I didn't expect young characters to act like adults. These characters have their own skills that they are learning and developing along the way to Glinda the Good's castle. They are also learn that sometimes things are not as they appear and the same goes for people. I literally got lost in this book and read it all in one sitting. I believe that Ms. Burns has earned herself a new fan.

Overall, a great adventure in the land of Oz. Now I just need to get my hands on a copy of the next book...

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