Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sleigh Ride Together With You by JoAnn Durgin

So I picked up this book because it had a sleigh on the cover. LOL! Sounds like a silly reason, right? Well, I have become obsessed with reading challenges. In July, I discovered www.goodreads.com and now I am hooked. So I joined a team challenge call TowerTeams IV without having a clue what I was getting into. We can pretty much read whatever we want but there are goals that our team is trying to fulfill. If one of us has or finds a book that fits the goal, we can claim the points when we finish the reading the book. I try to read a book I already have on my kindle but every other day or so I try to find one to complete a goal that is posted. For the 25 Days of Christmas there is one additional goal added every day and this one was to read a book with a sleigh, reindeer or elves on the cover or in the title. That is when I discovered this little gem.

JoAnn Durgin has written a wonderful, faith-based romance. Like I said, I chose the book for it's cover and didn't read the synopsis so I really had no preconceived notions about the book. I fell in love with the wonderful little town of Starlight. I find myself wishing that such a beautiful, magical place really exists.

Of course, the town of Starlight is not the only thing good about this book. The characters go thru their lives putting their faith in God to make things work out for the best. That doesn't mean they didn't have problems and difficult decisions to make. They had decisions to make that affected their lives as well as other people's lives. Instead of making decisions in the heat of the moment, they prayed and made their decisions based on what God wanted and it all came together.

There are some really, really romantic moments in this book. I find myself wanting to go ice skating on a pond or on a nice sleigh ride with my husband. Yes, I am a romantic at heart and those of you out there that are romantics as well will find this book as touching as I did.

My rating:

5 of 5 stars

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