Friday, December 30, 2016

All Romance Ebooks, LLC closing down December 31st

Have you bought books from All Romance Ebooks? If so, you will want to head over to our account and try to download all of your content. You may end up losing some or all content if you are not fast. December 31st is looming fast. Also, if you pre-ordered any books, you might want to try to get a refund ASAP.

Some authors are stating that they have received letters stating that they will only receive 10 cents on the dollar for all sales that they have made. The payouts will be made on 2/28/2016. Yeah, you are not reading that wrong. It is not a typo. The authors/publishers feel that this is a tactic to keep any agreements from being legally binding. Will they actually receive any money at all from owner, Lori James? I don't know. I guess it all depends on Lori. This is morally and ethically wrong but that is the way some people are in this world any more. Depending on their sales, some of these authors and publishers will take a huge hit. As for readers, you may lose some of the books that you spent your hard earned money on.

We will probably hear more about this in the coming days as the closure is completed and the payments are either made or not made. I am urging readers to check their accounts and download whatever they can recover. As for the authors/publishers, I sincerely hope that you can recover more of your losses. Without you, the readers wouldn't have the wonderful books that we read every day. I truly appreciate all your hard work.

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