Monday, May 28, 2018

Review: Stealing Love: A humorous Romantic Novel

Stealing Love: A humorous Romantic Novel Stealing Love: A humorous Romantic Novel by H. Schreter
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


When a business trip to Romania turns to a crazily funny travel romance
A businessman is sent to Romania to find a plot for a new hotel. When he is pointed to a small Transylvanian village, a wild and funny plot unravels.
Why did our protagonist remain in the village, and why was he subsequently driven out in disgrace? Who is the man hiding under the table? What do you do when your neighbor raises a pig on his terrace? And, is it true that sweet garlic and a good man are two things that are hard to come by?
Funny, original and woven with insights about life and human relationships
Stealing Love places its charming protagonists in bizarre situations, anchored in the unfamiliar and fascinating context of Romanian villagers daily-life. With skill and charm, H. Schreter portrays funny, zany and memorable characters who never fail to surprise the reader.

My Thoughts:

Cover/Title: I needed a cover with straw on it for a challenge so that is why I picked the book. I also expected it to be funny so I thought I would enjoy this more.

Characters: What really irritated me was that the MC seems to not have a name. People introduce themselves to him but he never gives his name. I found him to be rather dull and boring throughout the story. I was hoping he would be funny.

Plot: The book seems to be centered around an old Romanian practice of stealing a bride when the parents disapprove of the man she has chosen. The nameless MC keeps debating whether or not he should "steal" his "angel" or settle for the woman he has grown comfortable with.

Overall: I am very disappointed. I was expecting more humor in this book. Instead, I found some really dumb people. Their antics were not funny in my opinion. They just seemed dumb. Maybe the humor in this book just isn't my kind of humor.

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