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Blog Tour: Keep Me Wanting

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the KEEP ME WANTING by Angela Addams Blog Tour hosted by 
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About the Book:


Author: Angela Addams

Pub. Date: February 10, 2020

Publisher: Entangled: Embrace

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 252

All I’ve ever tried to do is keep the people in my life safe. That’s gotten me into hot water more times than I
can count. Hell, the last time got me four years behind bars.

So when my favorite barista tells her mom that I’m her boyfriend to stop the woman’s endless criticism, I
can’t stop myself from helping her out. But she’s too innocent and I’m too damaged for this to ever be the
real deal.

I can’t allow myself to touch her, not when making her mine will drag her into my world and drown her in
my messed up life. What I really need to do is stay away.

Except every touch and every accidental kiss breaks my control. I want her.

Then I find out her dad is the detective who put me away...and he’s trying to take down my family.

I don’t blame him. The secrets I’m keeping are big enough to destroy everything.

Cut Scene from Keep Me Wanting

Sadly, sometimes even some of the best scenes get cut during edits. Luckily for you all, this cut scene
happens to be a HOT one. 
Read at your discretion; this scene is XXX.

“Uh oh, you’ve got that frown on your face again.” She pushes the trays of food away then
throws the sheets off of our bodies. “I’d say it’s time for another distraction.”
She’s naked of course and her body is glorious. My dick stands at attention immediately as she
straddles me.
“Well, since you put it that way, I’m not going to argue.” I snag a condom from the side table.
Maggie takes the condom from my hand, opens the package and then slips it on. She pushes me
back and then moves forward. Her sheath covers my dick like a warm glove, surrounding me in
wet heat. She’s looking down at me, her hands on my chest, her hair falling around her face and
it’s so sexy sweet. When she rolls her hips, moving just the right way, she cranks me up even
I rub my hands over her breasts, cupping and squeezing, rolling those buds between my fingers
and thumbs. They’re pink like her pussy, flushing with more color as I work them over. She’s
moving slow, up, down, taking my dick almost to the point of coming out, then back down again
to sheath me right to the balls. I feel her soaking me, dripping over my sac.
I push my finger against her clit, making sure she’s angled just right so that she’s grinding herself
to orgasm, then move my other hand to her hip and help her pick up the pace.
She gasps, her eyes flash with excitement and then she starts really moving, bouncing so that her
tits are moving at the same tempo that she is, a sexy sway that makes me hungry. I lean up, my
hands still on her ass and suck one nipple deep into my mouth, rolling it with my tongue, tugging
with my teeth. She’s grinding me hard, making sure that her clit is abraded. I can feel her body
coil, her pussy clenches. She lets out these tiny gasps as she rises and rises.
“Liam,” she groans, exploding all over my cock.
My balls tighten, her core muscles milk me hard and I come right along with her, sucking on her
tits, and gripping her ass, we ride it out until every last spasm is spent.
She collapses onto me, her tits pressed to my chest, her hair cascading over my head, her lips just
I kiss her and she smiles.
“What’s up next? Golf? Pin the tail on the donkey?”
She wraps her arms around me, pressing her body into mine with a sigh. “If it were only that
“Uh oh.” I slide my hands to her ass and pat her gently. “Am I going to give you another

“It’s you who’s going to get the spanking. The next event just happens to be my game.”

About Angela:

Angela Addams is an author of many naughty things. She believes that the written word is an amazing tool
for crafting the most erotic of scenarios and likes telling stories about normal people getting down and dirty
and falling in love. Enthralled by the paranormal at an early age, Angela also spends a lot of her time thinking
up new story ideas that involve supernatural creatures in everyday situations.

She is an avid tattoo collector, a total book hoarder, and loves anything covered in chocolate…except for bugs.

She lives in Ontario, Canada in an old, creaky house, with her husband, children and four moody cats.

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