Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Review: The Kadin

The Kadin The Kadin by Bertrice Small
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Abducted from a life of privilege, she was sold into slavery in a distant land. For Lady Janet Leslie there would be no escaping the harem of the wealthy and powerful Sultan Selim. But from the moment the handsome ruler spied his breathtaking "Cyra," was captivated -- by the fiery desire that coursed through his veins. She belonged to him, body and soul -yet it was he who was enslaved.

Praised for her keen sense of history and remarkable storytelling powers, the bestselling author of The Spitfire displays the passionate magic that has made her a national favorite -sweeping the reader into the romantic past, from the magnificence of Renaissance Europe to the perfumed splendor of a Sultan's court.

My Thoughts:

I know Bertrice Small's books are not for everyone but I love them and this is no exception. I love how much research she puts into her books. They are not for the feint of heart. She digs into the deep, dark depths of our world's history and weaves it into her stories. Yes, the heroine of this book is put into some extreme situations. These situations are the types that really happened to women throughout history (and yes women are still dealing with these atrocities in today's world as well and despite some reviews to the contrary- human trafficking has been happening for a really long time and hasn't stopped). They are not easy situations. That is why I love Ms. Small's characters so much. They are really dealt a horrible hand in life. Instead of wallowing in misery, they take the hand dealt to them and they make it work for them. They carve out some happiness in this new existence. The heroine of this book, Janet, is no exception. She could cry and scream and carry on but it wouldn't do her any good. Instead she held her head high and started her new life. She found love not once but twice and she fought hard for everything in her life. I really love characters with real inner strength so she is definitely one of my favorites.

I am so glad I re-read this book as it is still one of my favorites. I already have book 2 lined up to read and I haven't read that before so I can't wait.

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