Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Review: B&B

B&B B&B by Amy Cross
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


A girl on the run, hiding from a terrible crime. 

An old B&B in a snowy city. 

A hidden figure lurking in the streets, waiting for his next victim. 

When Bobbie takes a room at the rundown Castle Crown B&B, all she wants is to get some sleep and make a tough decision about her future. Unfortunately, the B&B's other guests won't give her any peace, and Bobbie soon realizes that she's stumbled into a world with its own rules. Who is the mysterious bandaged woman? Why is there a dead man in the bathtub? And is something deadly lurking in the basement? 

Before she can leave, however, Bobbie learns that the city of Canterbury is being terrorized by a mysterious figure. Every time snow comes, the Snowman claims another victim, leaving their blood sinking into the ice. If Bobbie leaves the B&B and ventures out into the empty streets, she risks becoming his next target. But if she stays, her soul might be claimed by something even more deadly. 

B&B is a horror story about a girl with a secret, and a building with a past.

My Thoughts:

Cover/Title: The cover doesn't do this book justice. However, I feel that it would be hard to come up with the perfect cover for this book. It is intense. Same goes for the title. Yes, it does center all around the B&B but it is so much more.

Characters: I love the people in the B&B. They are all so strange! LOL

Plot: Bobbie takes a room in a B&B but the house and its occupants are as strange as can be. She finds herself stuck and trying to find a way out.

Overall: There is something so creepy about this book but at the same time I loved it. Anyone who has read my reviews knows that I rarely enjoy a book from this genre so much. However, I was hooked. I couldn't put the book down until it was finished. I must say that I would definitely read another book by this author. That is high praise coming from me about a genre I only read sparingly.

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