Tuesday, August 8, 2017

****Demon Hunter - Divine Justice Series**** RELEASE DAY

EXCERPT from Demon Hunter:

Glenn parallel parked two blocks from the club. "What's your plan?"
"I'm going to go in and find a spot at the bar. I want you to wait a minimum of five minutes before you walk in. Pretend you don't know me. I'll get a couple of drinks, show the picture, ask if anyone knew Jamal, and see what happens. And don't worry, if they ask my relationship to Tim, I'll say he was my brother and I took the photo while he was sleeping."
"So you're not going to create a scene or start a fight?"
"I will do my best to keep the situation calm. But if someone is going to try to intimidate or touch me, I'm going to defend myself."
He grinned. "Do you want me as backup?"
"Yes. Right now I don't know who is innocent and who isn't. I need another set of eyes scanning people. But if I leave, don't follow right away. Someone might be watching and I don't want us to be seen together."
"Are you carrying?"
"Have you ever known me not to?"
"No." He smirked. "I'll wait here for a while."

EXCERPT from Demon Hunter:

"The demon population has gradually increased. As a result, we've been on the streets more. We've been through phases like this over the years. But recently we caught up with a possessed human named Jamal and he committed suicide."
Victor slowed as he reached an intersection. "He killed his host?"
"Yes. And the same night, Tim broke into my home. It seems as if everything has gone haywire since the night we went after Jamal."
He turned the wheel as he followed the directions from the monitor on his dashboard. "It is strange. You know more about what is happening in the city than I do, so I will trust your instinct."
"Last night was the first time in years I'd had to deal with a group of demons. I've run into two quite a bit, but not more than that."
Victor zoomed down streets, passing in between cars closer than Anna cared to watch. She avoided looking out the window.
"I'll admit, it's strange," he said. "They come out in groups during an outbreak, but this isn't one. Yet."
"If this is the start of one, then we need to stop it soon. We need to find the damn masters."

Demon Hunter
Divine Justice Series (Book 1)
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Demon Hunter:
The demon population is growing out of control and vampires are mankind’s best hope for survival.
Divine Syndicate’s top field agent, Anna, hits the streets with her partner to locate the master demon responsible for the increase in possessed humans. But finding the person won’t be easy. The city is in a state of disarray with crime, poverty, and drug use at an all-time high. While Anna and her partner search for the master, they encounter more trouble than expected. As defenders of the human race, vampires want to save lives and exorcise the demons to send them back to Hell for good. Anna fears the worst is yet to come when demons aim to destroy the best protectors for all species. She’ll stop at nothing to prevent evil from ruling on Earth.

ISBN: 9780998682006
Released: August 8, 2017
Pages: 176
Formats: pdf, epub, mobi
Price: $0.99
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Romance

Author Biography:

Mary is a romantic at heart and a lifetime lover of the paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction. When she's not working or binge watching television, she enjoys creating fantastical stories with vampires, demons, werewolves, angels, and/or other supernatural creatures. She often adds mystery and suspense to spice up her books. For the most part, she lives a quiet life in Indianapolis. She aspires to become a full time writer one day. She also hopes to meet a vampire, werewolf, or angel who will sweep her off her feet. Hey, a girl can dream. And Mary does.

Where to find Mary Abshire:
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