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*Book Tour* The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci by Belle Ami

The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci


Belle Ami

Series: Out of Time Series Book 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Thriller
Publisher: Tema N Merback
Publication Date: May 31, 2018

What she knows could kill her.

In the spirit of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and Shadows of the Stone Benders by K. Patrick
Donoghue The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci by Belle Ami unravels an unforgettable mystery.

Three destinies, one remarkable painting.

Will her visions lead her to the truth?

Art historian Angela Renatus is haunted by dreams of Leonardo da Vinci and a mysterious painting
of Giuliano Medici and his mistress Fioretta Gorini. A painting that, as far as the world knows,
doesn’t exist. Compelled by her visions, Angela is determined to find out the truth.

When Angela is contacted by art detective, Alex Caine, she’s shocked to learn that he too is seeking
the same painting. Alex’s client, a wealthy German financier, is determined to clear the name of his
late uncle, Gerard Jaeger, an art historian, who went missing in Florence, during World War II. In
letters written before his disappearance, the historian describes his love affair with a beautiful young
Italian woman named Sophia Caro, and the discovery of an extraordinary painting by the great
master himself—a painting depicting Giuliano and Fioretta.

Alex and Angela journey to Florence in search of the priceless treasure. Is it a lost da Vinci,
potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars, or a wild goose-chase that will only lead to a
dead end? But someone else is searching for the illusive painting—Alberto Scordato is a powerful
man in the art world and a sociopath who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even murder.
Scordato knows something about Angela that even she doesn’t know, something that could threaten
both Angela and Alex’s lives, forcing them into the crosshairs of fate.
Deleted Scene:
Lying to Alex had been hard. Rationalizing her reasons for lying to him hadn’t made her feel
any better about it. She knew he was going to be angry when he realized she’d lied to him,
but hopefully he’d forgive her when he saw the Leonardo da Vinci painting. Unfortunately,
she was having trouble convincing herself that going alone to search for the cave was a good
idea. If anything happened to her or the painting . . . No, there was no way she was going to
think about that.
No one knows what I’m planning, but me, and nobody has any idea that I’ve figured out where
the painting is. It was a mantra she kept repeating to herself, a pat on the back, a reassurance
to herself she was doing the right thing. But the one thing she couldn’t be sure of was whether
the nightmares, the sleeplessness, and her being dragged back and forth in time and losing
herself would stop. There was no guarantee that finding the painting would cure her of her
psychic visions, or if she’d ever get her life back.
She found a good-sized weather proof backpack in Alex’s closet and put it on over the hooded
rain jacket she’d also found. She was halfway down the stairs when she remembered the gun
Alex had left for her. Should she bring it? Better safe than sorry. She returned to the bedroom
and removed the Glock and the extra magazine from the nightstand. Following Alex’s
instructions, she practiced gripping the handle and assumed a shooter’s stance, cradling the
weapon in one hand and cupping it the way he’d had shown her. She sighted down the muzzle
and felt a sense of power. Alex was right. There was no question, there was a confidence of
knowing she could defend herself if she had to and it relaxed her.
She left Zaba and and Ama in the house, even though they protested mightily, razing a raucous
when she closed the door locking them inside. “Someone has to guard the house while I’m away.
Misu on the other hand would come in handy. A scent hound would be able to sniff out exactly
where the opening was and would pick up the scent of anyone on the trail, warning her in advance.
The day was crisp and smelled of impending rain. In the vineyard the vines were laden with fruit
and she could tell by looking at them that what Alex called the vendemmia would probably be
very soon. She’d made up her mind that she would stay for that harvest and maybe even longer.
Her feelings for Alex had grown like the fruit on the vines, sweet and ready for harvest.
She thought about Alex and the incredible changes in her life. This love they nurtured under the
most extraordinary circumstances. She remembered that as a girl she’d wished to find the perfect
heart that would beat in time with hers. But as she grew older and immersed herself in the pages
of history, she’d come to believe that people mostly came together because of proximity and
common goals, not love.
What she and Alex had was rare in one lifetime, let alone several. She was crazy about him.

She slowly climbed the path, the wind blowing against her face, and Misu, his nose to the ground,
a few feet ahead. She was lost in her thoughts of Alex. She was in love with him, but would it
be enough to sustain a marriage when the thrill of the chase for the da Vinci was gone? The
treasure hunt had been all consuming for them both, but what would happen when it ended?
Would she ever be able to look at him and not see Giuliano or Gerhard? Wouldn’t it be better
to love someone with no ties to her past lives? Wouldn’t she always be questioning whether it
was the past speaking or the present? She didn’t want to live every minute of her life questioning
whether it was karma. She wanted a fresh slate and a new beginning, she wanted to simply live.
Could she and Alex ever give each other that? Did Alex ever question what was happening
between them? Obviously not, she thought, smiling.
Misu ran ahead, sniffing. He circled and returned to the slab, his tail wagging. “Well, Misu,
what have we here”

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About Belle Ami

Belle Ami

Belle Ami writes intriguing romantic/suspense/thrillers with a teaspoon of sex. A self-confessed
news junky she loves to create cutting-edge stories about politics, espionage, and redemptive love.

She is a Kathryn McBride scholar of Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. Writing, cooking, spinning,
hiking, boxing, and skiing are her passions.

She is the author of The Only One series, The One (#1), and The One & More (#2). Her third
in the series titled One More Time is Not Enough, was published July 13th, 2016. She was honored
to be included in the RWA LARA Christmas Anthology Holiday Ever After featuring her short story
The Christmas Encounter. Her next series entitled The Tip of the Spear begins with Escape,
published January 10, 2017. The sequel to Escape, entitled Vengeance was published September
12, 2017.

The Girl Who Knew da Vinci is her latest release. It’s an intriguing romance/paranormal/thriller.
She is currently working on book three of The Tip of the Spear Series, titled Ransom.

She lives in Southern California with her husband, two children, a horse named Cindy Crawford,
and her brilliant Chihuahua, Giorgio Armani.

Social Media Links: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Linked-In | Instagram



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