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R.C. Matthews

The Secrets of Chateau Swansea

Genre: Gothic Romance
Publication Date: October 1, 2018

A grisly murder leaves a haunted estate without an heir, and a powerful medium scrambles to find
answers from beyond the grave.

Determined to escape the nightmarish memories of her childhood, heiress and psychic Maribeth
Sommerset pursues the adventurous life of a psychic investigator, beginning with a murder and
the spirits who hover behind at the haunted Chateau Swansea

Meanwhile, devoted steward of the chateau Arthur Dunn plays a dangerous game of deception
to shield his employer's good name, landing himself at the top of Maribeth's suspect list.

Amid scandalous secrets and destructive lies, will Maribeth uncover the secrets of Chateau
Swansea before the killer strikes again?

Don't miss out on this thrilling Victorian gothic romance!

Excerpt – The Séance Chamber
He gestured to the head of the séance table where a framed photograph hung on the wall behind a commanding throne. “Time for you to meet the ghost of Madame Brown.”
Suppressing an urge to snort, Maribeth closed the distance and studied the picture of the séance room. A young girl sat on the throne, a skittish gleam in her eyes. Guests filled the seats around the table, where firelight glowed from six candles, flickering off their joined hands. Behind the girl, a beautiful woman stood, her smile triumphant.
“Do you see the shadow of the ghost standing behind Mrs. Turner?” Arthur asked over her shoulder. He pointed with his forefinger, brushing up against her back as he leaned closer to trace the faint outline. “Some say the ghost is strangling her for exploiting the child. Bella was only four. A lovely girl yet hauntingly troubled.”
The rich leather scent of his cologne robbed her ability to concentrate on the photo. If she turned her face a few inches, her lips might graze his cheek. Was his skin soft or rough? She had never kissed a man, had never wished to. Until now. Why him? She swallowed, her body trembling. Maybe because he was a mystery in and of himself.
Arthur slipped passed her and leaned his back against the wall, studying her. “Are you frightened by what you see?”
His lips twitched into a wry grin. “I didn’t think so. What do you make of the photo?”
“It’s a brilliant ploy for enthralling visitors,” she said, turning to face the séance table. “By a cunning woman. I believe Mrs. Turner didn’t stand still long enough while the film developed.”
Arthur claimed the empty space beside her, his shirtsleeve a hairsbreadth from hers. “Mrs. Marsh sees a ghost in the photo.”
“Then she is misguided by fear.”
“Yes, I believe she is,” he murmured. “Though I hardly blame her. The picture … according to the housekeeper, that was the only other séance Mrs. Turner ever held in this room.”
She couldn’t fathom what had gone wrong, having never taken part in one of the rituals herself. All she knew of séances was second-hand. Candlelight, holding hands, questions for the dead. One knock on wood for yes, two for no.
“What happened that night?” she asked.
He wrapped his hand around hers and held their joined hands in the air. “Imagine a stormy night, the crackle of thunder, and howling wind. The candlelight dances, forming shadows of past loved ones on the walls.”
The melodic timbre of his voice lulled her into a trance-like state. She closed her eyes and absorbed the energy zapping between them.  
“Tension sizzles in the air, and the child asks…”
Mama, are you here?” Maribeth whispered. The words flooded her mind, strong and true. “One sharp knock echoed in the chamber. Guests gasp and—“
Arthur dropped her hand and sighed. “A damn shame that you’ve heard the story already. This one is my favorite.”
Why ruin his fun? She wished to know how the story ended, since she’d never heard the tale in the whole of her life, and his outburst stunted the vision blooming in her mind.  
“Please, go on,” she said, studying the intricate letters and numbers etched into the center of the round séance table. “Your retelling is most entertaining. I do believe you’ve missed your calling as an actor.”
Lowering himself onto one of the chairs, Arthur leaned his head back and crossed his legs. “The ghost answered with one knock, and the guests gasped.” His right hand covered his heart in a dramatic gesture while his mouth dropped into a wide O. “‘Please don’t make me do this,’ the child cried. A gust of wind surged out of thin air and doused all six candles. Pandemonium reigned and the guests fled, stumbling over each other in their haste to escape.”
He was an exceptional storyteller.
“Yes, that rendition feels like an accurate conclusion to the story. But do you believe it, Arthur?”

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About R.C. Matthews

R.C. Matthews

R.C. Matthews is the author of contemporary and historical romances featuring bold, sassy
heroines and magnetic alpha heroes. Warning! The chemistry between her characters is off the
charts hot, so read at your own risk. She resides in the Midwest and is surrounded by men: her
husband and three sons. During her free time you'll find her watching The Walking Dead, reading
a fabulous book or hanging out with her family.

Official website: http://www.rcmatthews.com

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