Saturday, January 5, 2019

Review: Rock 'n' Roll Vampire

Rock 'n' Roll Vampire Rock 'n' Roll Vampire by Max Radin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


When has-been rocker Ricky Durbin is sent off to rehab for the fourth time by his record company, he plans to come back a changed man. 

But a vampire isn’t quite what he has in mind. 

In fact, Ricky has a heck of a time believing it, much to the consternation of those around him. Ricky chalks up his rapid physical changes and lust for female neckflesh as strange byproducts of his newfound sobriety. And when his rehab physician, the delectable Dr. D, develops a similar disposition after he bites her, she seeks Ricky out as her ‘dark master.’ Ricky willingly enlists Dr. D’s help as a lyricist in penning a new album he must get in the can to preserve his tenuous recording contract. She does have a way with words. 

Until Count Johnnie, an ancient coven master from centuries gone by, makes an appearance. As does an eccentric vampire hunter from Balkan Pest Control, a wizened old woman by the by the name of Edna Sweeney, who wears a green felt hat and drives a Rambler. 

Meanwhile, Ricky’s ex-wife and manager, the lovely Rachel, wonders about Ricky’s predilection for writing songs that seem to focus on women’s necks. During their tumultuous marriage, he never so much as wanted to nibble hers. 

But, it is a new direction for Ricky. Perhaps he has something. 

My Thoughts:

You know that saying "If it wasn't for bad luck, you wouldn't have any at all"? Well, the MC in this book is the epitome of this saying. I was amused to no end about how clueless he was. Overall, I enjoyed this lighthearted vampire story.

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